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Forefathers of Radio

Lee DeForest
Guglielmo Marconi
Edwin Howard Armstrong
David Sarnoff
Lee DeForest
First Radio Station

Father of Radio Broadcasting


Lee DeForest considered himself the father of radio and the grandfather of TV.  However, most people agree that he thinks far to highly of himself, and that he simply stole inventions and claimed them as his own.  He spent his childhood in the library reading patten reports and vowed that he would become an inventor.  He did come an inventor, just not the inventor he wanted to be.

Even though he is not the father of radio as he would like to be remembered, he is the father of radio Broadcasting.  Today he holds 300 pattens, but the audion tube is the only one of much significance.  DeForest didn't know how his audion tube worked, but this invention made it possible for the human voice to be transmitted over the radio.

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